Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Cycles Worldwide is a platform for buying and selling all things motorcycles and connecting with like minded people in the One Gang Community.

After a user creates an account, they’re able to engage in the One Gang Community for free, post motorcycles and other related items for sale, browse motorcycles and items other users have listed in the marketplace, and enjoy free resources related to the industry. If you find a motorcycle or item you’d like to make an offer on, simply message the seller your offer.

For Sellers

  • Private Sellers: You can have up to 1 motorcycle listed for free at any given time; $5 per additional motorcycle. Accessories, Clothing & Parts are $1.50 per item.
  • Dealerships: Motorcycle listing pricing for dealers starts at $5 per motorcycles and scales down as the number of your listings increases.

Pricing in Detail: https://cyclesworldwide.com/pricing 

  • We recommend providing a link to a YouTube video of your listing along with a minimum of 15 high quality photos and a detailed description including any optional/after-market features, scratches or dings and/or any other issues with the motorcycle.  
  • We have a dedicated resource for successful selling here: https://cyclesworldwide.com/selling-tips

For Buyers

  • Once you have found an item you are interested in, you have an option to message the seller directly from that listing detail page. Sellers have an option in what contact information they provide and they may request you contact them by another means than email. 
  • Contact the seller with your offer. From there, you can complete the transaction with the seller. View more details in the Transaction section below.


  • Transactions are conducted between buyers and sellers; Cycles Worldwide connects the two parties who are then responsible for making payment arrangements.
  • View our tips for avoiding scams and staying safe and secure here: https://cyclesworldwide.com/staying-safe 
  • We recommend only meeting in-person if it’s absolutely necessary. If you do need to meet in-person, agree upon a well-lit and populated public area. We recommend bringing a friend or family member as well so you are not alone. View our full list of recommendations and tips for staying safe and secure here: https://cyclesworldwide.com/staying-safe

Account Management

  • Go to Cycles Worldwide and click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right and select business or personal to create your account.
  • There is a “forgot password” option at the login screen.
  • Click the link and enter your email address you signed up with to receive a password reset link in your email inbox. 

Safety & Security

  • Cycles Worldwide allows users of the community to report any aspect of another user’s activity. If a user is reported 3 times for any of their activity, content or listings, their account is suspended and placed under review.  
  • Cycles Worldwide has a “connection” rule in place; if another user would like to message you directly, they must invite you to connect first. You are able to view their profile and use your discretion to approve or deny the connection request.
  • You can find the report option at the bottom of any post, listing, or direct message.

Feedback & Support

  • We’re born out of the industry and our goal is to provide the best motorcycle platform around; if you have feedback, we would love to hear it. You can visit our contact page to submit your feedback or ask any questions you may have.

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