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About Cycles Worldwide

Driven by passion for motorcycles, our mission is to establish a global community that embraces diversity, encourages unity, and empowers small businesses to succeed in a global marketplace. 

Welcome to Cycles Worldwide, a unique fusion of fervor and function in the world of motorcycles. At the heart of our journey is ‘One Gang’, a vibrant social media community where motorcycle enthusiasts from every corner of the globe come together. United by our shared passion for motorcycles, ‘One Gang’ celebrates diversity, fosters unity, and creates a supportive environment for riders and enthusiasts alike. Our mission is to cultivate a global community that not only thrives on shared interests but also uplifts small businesses and individual sellers. Further extending our commitment to the motorcycle world is the Cycles Worldwide Marketplace. This is no ordinary classified listings platform; it’s a trusted, user-friendly space designed to revolutionize how you buy, sell, and connect in the motorcycle universe. Here, trust, ease of use, and a wealth of information come together, making us the go-to destination for all things motorcycles. Join us at Cycles Worldwide, where every ride, story, and interaction is a step towards a more connected and empowered motorcycle community.


Sergey Tokman

My name is Sergey Tokman, and for over 20+ years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be a part of the motorcycles family, not just as a small business owner but also as an active member of the vibrant motorcycle community. For me, nothing compares to the exhilarating feeling of straddling my motorcycle, with the wind coursing through my soul as the road unfolds before me with every shift up.

I chose to break free from the sales corporate world and a six-figure income when I turned 30, driven by an unwavering passion for motorcycles. I started my journey in a tiny office where I hung a license and hustled bikes out of my garage until it could hardly fit a toothpick. The moment I rented a 3,000 sq. ft. commercial warehouse, my education expanded rapidly. Handling up to 20 motorcycles solo, traveling across three states to purchase them, opening up a service/repair and custom build(s) divisions while running my day to day with sales, customers and employees. Today, with over 3,500+ motorcycles sold through my small business, Nice Ride Inc., I take immense pride in understanding how difficult and expensive it is for small businesses to survive with limited cash flow and extremely expensive advertising costs while no financial institution invests any interest because their volume is too low to waste their time with.

And now, as you read this, I’m excited to embark on a new chapter, uniting my decades of experience in the world of motorcycles to create a community like no other. Cycles Worldwide is not just another corporation focused solely on the bottom line. As a fellow small business owner, rider and enthusiast, I understand the true essence of being a part of this family. My promise to you is simple – if you entrust me with building this community, I will not disappoint nor will I ever change my original mission.

At Cycles Worldwide, we’re establishing clear rules for sellers, ensuring they never mislead or deceive potential buyers within our community. Our advertisers will offer exclusive discounts to benefit all members of the Cycles Worldwide community. Here, small businesses find an even playing field, advertising their motorcycles and accessories without the burden of expensive monthly advertising costs other websites are charging. We’re also providing financing options to buyers in our community, supporting smaller businesses to thrive against larger franchises. But that’s not all. Our commitment to your peace of mind extends with affordable extended warranties, seamless global shipping, and access to reliable service/repair shops specializing in your motorcycle’s make and model. I will always invest everything to offer our community a one place to go to for everything motorcycles. Beyond being just a platform, Cycles Worldwide is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts. You’ll find a wealth of resources – from groups, advice, and recommendations to tours, rental bookings, and the best places to ride. Do it yourself videos to latest and greatest products on the market for safety and style. We will show you the latest motorcycles on the market, custom build off competitions where you the community get to vote and we will do features on the winners. My dreams are huge when it comes to my passion so I will not stop creating and adding to keep us together and learning.

Above all, our cornerstone value is RESPECT. No matter where you’re from, color of your skin, the motorcycle you ride or anything the world media and politicians try and separate us by, Cycles Worldwide will be a sanctuary of harmony and camaraderie. Politics, insults, hatred, bullying, or any negative behavior that undermines our sense of community will be firmly dealt with.

So, join us on this exhilarating journey, my brothers and sisters. Let’s ride together, share miles with smiles, and forge connections that transcend borders and backgrounds.


Ben Bailey

I grew up on dirt bikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My father was a software developer and I started clacking on the keyboard as soon as I could reach it. My entrepreneurial journey has taken me from building a restaurant to commodities trading and eventually back to computers when I started my digital agency in 2016. 

I’ve partnered with some of the biggest companies in the game and thoroughly enjoyed my time with Autodesk. I got to travel all around visiting machine shops & parts companies to help edit/improve their parts in CAD. 

I’ve been passionately building online presence through websites, advertising campaigns and SEO for many small businesses around Florida and some throughout the country. I’m excited to take that effort and fully focus it on a project I believe will revolutionize how bikers get their information and search listings. 

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